The Complete Guide to Car Valuation Software: How It Can Benefit Your Dealership

Are you tired of the inefficiencies of using pen and paper or WhatsApp for vehicle trade-in appraisals? Do you want to streamline the entire trade-in process for your dealership? Look no further than appraisee’s digital appraisal software.

Inaccurate vehicle appraisals can lead to more exposure to reconditioning costs, and without visibility into everything going on in the trade-in process, using WhatsApp can become disjointed and harder to manage. With no search function, communications about a particular vehicle can be disjointed over the group feed. But with appraisee’s digital appraisal software, you get a full end-to-end trade-in solution.

Access valuations, finance and history checks, and estimated reconditioning costs all in one place. Highlight vehicle damage on pictures taken of the vehicle, and utilize the chat function to record all communication between all parties involved. With appraisee, you can manage the entire trade-in process in one place, giving you more control over the process.

Another important point is that using appraisee’s digital appraisal software gives a salesperson a more structured approach when it comes time to do an appraisal on a customer’s vehicle. Being able to enter estimated reconditioning costs in front of the customer not only helps with transparency but also helps the salesperson better manage the customer’s expectation about the price they are expecting for their vehicle. Customers are also more trusting when they see that there is a structured process to getting their vehicle appraised.

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of using pen and paper or WhatsApp for vehicle trade-in appraisals. Instead, use appraisee’s digital appraisal software for a streamlined and efficient trade-in process. Try it out today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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