appraisee Face-to-Face App: Revolutionizing Vehicle Appraisals

If you need a used car appraised, appraisee is for you.

In the automotive sales industry, precision in vehicle appraisals and managing part-exchanges is crucial. A common challenge for dealerships is ensuring appraisal accuracy. Often, critical aspects like existing damage or future reconditioning costs can be overlooked, leading to costly overvaluation.

The appraisee Face-to-Face App addresses this issue, transforming how dealerships conduct vehicle appraisals. It enhances the precision of the appraisal process, ensuring every detail is accounted for, thereby streamlining the part-exchange process and preventing potential overpayments on vehicle that you purchase.

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Undervaluing and miscalculating the condition of the vehicle at the appraisal stage can be the difference between a Profit or a Loss for your business.

Addressing Inaccurate Appraisals and Streamlining Processes with appraisee

Challenges in Vehicle Appraisals and Operations in Automotive Sector:
  • Inaccurate Appraisals: Traditional appraisal methods often lead to miscalculations, especially when sales staff overlook existing vehicle damages. This can result in unexpected repair costs, affecting the dealership’s profitability.
  • Disjointed Processes: Dealerships frequently rely on a mix of methods, like WhatsApp for images and manual record-keeping for critical vehicle details. This fragmented approach becomes cumbersome and disorganized, making accurate record-keeping of vehicle pricing and conditions challenging.

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A Simple change in your current part-exchange process will result in:
Accurate appraisals results in higher profit marigins

€ 52,422 Annual Savings

Annual Savings for a dealership with a Sales Team of 5. Users see their Estimated Repair Costs -v-Actual Repair Costs reduce after appraisee has been in use for more than 9 months by an average of €52,422.

€141.21 Profit

€ 141.21 increased profit per part-exchange

The appraisee Solution: Revolutionizing Vehicle Appraisal:

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Appraisals: The app enables sales staff to conduct detailed appraisals, thoroughly documenting vehicle conditions, including visual annotations of damage, reconditioning cost estimations, and recording of optional features.

Damage Alert

Inventory of Features

Estimated Recondition Costs ​

3rd Party Valuations integrations

  1. Unified Communication and Record-Keeping: appraisee consolidates all appraisal-related data into a single digital record, including photographs, vehicle registration mark (VRM) lookups, mileage, condition assessments, and third-party valuations.
  1. Transparency and Trust: The app allows for the entry of estimated reconditioning costs in the presence of customers, managing expectations and building trust.
  1. Centralized Data Management: appraisee centralizes all appraisal information, making it easily accessible for efficient review and management.
  1. Integration of Trader Bids: In addition to primary functionalities, appraisee also incorporates third-party trader bids within its digital records.

Transforming Dealership Operations with appraisee

appraisee’s Face-to-Face App is an essential tool for enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of vehicle appraisals. By providing comprehensive appraisal tools, fostering transparent interactions, and offering streamlined communication channels, appraisee is setting new standards in automotive industry.

Understanding the appraisee App Workflow


Conducting the Appraisal

Salespeople use the appraisee app to systematically collect detailed information about the vehicle, including photos and videos.


Data Utilization and Review

After the appraisal, the Sales Manager is notified and can quickly review the detailed appraisal.


Finalizing the Valuation

The Sales Manager reviews the appraisal and discusses with the Salesperson via the app’s chat feature. Once the final valuation is determined, it’s communicated to the customer, completing the appraisal cycle.

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