What is a car appraisal?
A car appraisal is a formal assessment of the quality of a used car.
How do you conduct a car appraisal with this mobile appraisal application?
The appraisee app guides the user through the entire appraisal process step by step from start to finish without missing any details. All the information is captured on the app and saved securely in the cloud.
Is it just an appraisal application or does it come with appraisal software?
appraisee is both an application for mobile devices and has software which is used for management of users and to view all appraisal information.
How long does it take to send an appraisal from the appraisal app?
This depends on your internet connection. Most dealers can send a full appraisal in under 90 seconds.
How long does it take on average to complete an appraisal with the appraisal application?
On average, it takes less than 5 minute to complete an appraisal with the appraisee appraisal software.
Can I complete a car appraisal on an IOS device?
Yes, a car appraisal with the appraisee application can be completed on all IOS smartphones and tablets.
Can I complete a car appraisal on an android device?
Yes, a car appraisal with the appraisee application can be completed on all Android smartphones and tablets.
Our dealership has only one device to conduct appraisals with, can multiple users use this one device?
Yes, multiple users can use one device for completing vehicle appraisals. However, they must login using their unique username and password.
Can I access my appraisee account from any device?
Yes, you can. The appraisal app allows for multiplatform access. The user can access the web portal from any device and download the app for tablet or phone.
What browser do I need to use the appraisee website?
The appraisee website supports all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox). These browsers can all be used to access the dedicated appraisal dashboard.
Where can I download the appraisee mobile appraisal application?
The appraisal application can be downloaded from both the app store and play store for IOS and Android respectively.
What am I getting for the 30-day free trial?
With the 30 day free trial, the user will get full access to the appraisee software.
Is there somewhere I can view all appraisal information on my desktop?
The appraisee dashboard is where all appraisal information can be found. Users can view all past car appraisals and metrics of each individual user.
How many locations and users will I be able to register during my free trial?
The company using the free trial will be able to register 2 locations and up to 10 users during the free trial.
What happens after the 30-day free trial?
During and after the 30-day free trial you will receive emails from the appraisee team asking whether you would like to try the full version. The user has the option to upgrade at any time through the dashboard during the 30-day trial. However, once you have finished the 30-day free trial you will lose access to the appraisee software.
Is there an appraisee administrator who can oversee all location and car appraisals conducted?
Yes. The super admin has the ability to add/remove dealerships, locations, users.
Can I add a new user to the system or do I have to link up with the appraisee team each time?
The dealership admin can add users through their appraisee account. This would be completed on the dashboard.
Does the appraisal app need the internet to work?
Yes. For the mobile appraisal application to work, the device will need access to either Wi-Fi or data.
Is the appraisal information I upload to the cloud from my appraisal app secure?
Yes, the appraisal information is hosted on an encrypted cloud which is backed up regularly
Will I be able to cancel my subscription at any time?
You are free to cancel your subscription to appraisee at any time. Once the cancellation occurs, the applications will no longer work on each of the user's platforms.
How many users of the appraisal application can I have on each package, and what's the difference in cost?
The standard package comes with 10 users and 2 locations. Each new user added after this is an additional 25 euro per month.
Is there a limit to how many car appraisals a user can make?
Once a user is registered on the system, they have no limit to the amount of car appraisals they can make.
What happens when a car appraisal is completed?
When a sales person completes a car appraisal. The car appraisal is then sent directly to the sales manager via the cloud.
How is appraisee billed and what type of payments do you accept for payment of this appraisal software?
On signing up you will be billed on a monthly subscription basis. The user can opt out at any time but will be charged for a full month once the working month has begun. MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit and debit cards are accepted. We also accept PayPal and Stripe.
What customer support does appraisee offer?
At appraisee we believe that the customer always comes first. That’s why we have support on hand to deal with any of your appraisee related queries. It's always important to be as informed as possible before making any decision, that’s why we're here to clear any potential confusions or queries. We offer assistance over email, phone, Twitter, LinkedIn. Our contact us page offers details on how to reach the appraisee team.

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